Saturday, 6 December 2014

OnePlus smart phone how to upgrade the Android 5.0

One, OnePlus phone upgrade Android 5.0 ready

1) First you need to download [OnePlus a plus phone Android 5.0 Brush Pack], we can go OnePlus Download the official website to download,

2) Backup Data

Because OnePlus Brush Pack Android 5.0 phone through the brush into a third-party recovery, and the need for double clear, and therefore need to back up data before Brush;
3) Download [OnePlus a third-party add phone Recovery program], we can go to the OnePlus official website to download;

The ROM into the brush by a third-party recovery, before the brush into the system need to double clear.

Two, OnePlus Android 5.0 phone brush step (please ensure that third-party recovery has been installed into the brush before)

1, OnePlus phone connected to the computer, so the download Android 5.0 Brush ROM package does not unpack renamed, copied to the phone's SD card!

2, turn off the phone, press and hold the volume down + power button to boot, then release to enter the Recovery.

3, select Clear Data / Factory Reset Factory reset (full wipe), wait for complete wipe.

4. Select Install zip Brush Pack install zip from sdcard.

5, continue to choose choose zip Brush Pack choose zip from sdcard from / sdcard, find ROM package file to start the brush.

6. Select the ROM.

7. Wait for the installation to complete press the return key, the main interface to Recovery.

8, restart the phone!

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