Monday, 23 March 2015

How to make MicroSD SD Card as phone storage

Ever had a problem with your Android smartphone that application is only downloading to the phone storage and you can not move it to the MicroSD card?

Here is a quick solution. The following solution will only work on a rooted phone.

Please download and install ES File Explorer.

Enter it, Go to Menu>Settings>Root Settings Check “Root Explorer” and accept both the ES prompt and SU prompt.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Huawei Honor 6 Upgrade to 5.0 Lollipop

The users of Huawei Honor 6 can now update their handsets to Android 5.0 Lollipop using custom ROM. The new Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with many new features :

- Up to 4x performance improvements.
- A battery saver feature which extends device use by up to 90 mins.
- It has a faster, smoother and more powerful computing experience.
- Support for 64-bit SoCs using ARM, x86, and MIPS-based cores.
- OpenGL ES 3.1 and Android extension pack brings Android to the forefront of mobile graphics putting it on par with desktop and console class performance.
- Responsive, natural motion, realistic lighting and shadows, and familiar visual elements make it easier to navigate your device.

Huawei Honor 6 and honor 6 Plus Multi-Tool

NOTE: AutoUpdate Function added. Tool will not work if you start it offline.

What Multi-Tool does:
Unlock/Relock Bootloader.
Flash CWM/Stock Recovery.
Rooting (with Sideload).
Unbrick from bootloop.
NOTE: If relock bootloader failed after 3 buttons format, do a factory reset and try to relock again.

Huawei Honor 6 (L02, L12, L04) Stock ROM

How to install Stock ROM:
Warning: You need to have stock recovery, /system/build.prop and /data/cust/prop/local.prop.
DON'T forget to set permissions to rw-r--r-- (644) after you restore build.prop and local.prop.
Download and unzip to get "dload" folder with "UPDATE.APP" inside.
Put "dload" folder with "UPDATE.APP" inside, to root of your SD.
(you will NOT lose your data) Open "Updater" > "Menu" > "Local update".
(You will lose your data)Turn off your phone and activated by holding all three buttons (Vol-, Vol+, Power).

Huawei HiSuiteSetup v2.3.42

Huawei HiSuite Android smart device new manager which is suitable for Huawei mobiles, makes it possible for you to manage the user data and software on your Android device much easier. It support downloading and installing the internet source just by one key easily, and full enjoy the rich user experience that brought by the Android smartphones.
Support Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, French etc.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

ThL 2015 Android 4.4.4 ROM Firmware

ROM Mobile ThL 2015 – ROM Android 4.4.4
ONLY MT6752 + 2G Ram + 16G Rom + FHD

Update Official ROM ThL 2015 version: thl.2015.167B.1478ZF.A1.150211.LWT_KK.FHD.WB128_FB13720.EN.MV1616 – KTU84P – V1_CSFB
1. Reduce Touch Tone
2. Update the audio parameters, dial-up interface, enter * # 35789 # * enter engineering mode,
enter Hard Testing - Audio - LoudSpeaker Mode, the Media key values ​​for each level decreases eight units
(current Media for Level 14 items 216). Talk hands-free is also reduced by 8 per grade
3. synchronization application lock code, solve problems and identify the problem error

iOcean MT6752 Android 4.4.4 ROM Firmware

ROM Phone iOCEAN MT6752 Rock - ROM Android 4.4.4
Official ROM iOCEAN MT6752 Rock Version : M6752 20150129-172129 – mt6752_h560_x9pro-fhd_ousheng_cc_kk_lte_5m-cs_mul_tphone – KTU84P
Gapps include – No Rooted
Language support: Multilang

Monday, 9 March 2015

Huawei Honor 6 H60-L04 - How to install EMUI 3.0 Build B370 for stock phone

Honor Malaysia recently released a Beta version of EMUI 3.0 for owners of Huawei Honor 6 in Malaysia. This beta was only opened for Malaysian Honor device that register on their facebook page. The EMUI 3.0 Beta for Malaysian user is the latest build available to date H60-L04V100R001C0B370 , even higher than what was available as a full release for domestic China market (B307) and would be almost on par with the Developer Edition update available there.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Magazine Lock Screen Common Problems and Methods

Upgrading Problems:
No.1: Some Huawei mobiles can receive the updating notification message, but the progress bar is always stuck in 0% after opening the upgrading page.

Method: Some versions of the client can only support the internal storage that set by default, if user have modified the default storage for SD card storage, just switch back. Part model of the latest version has been updated, and it can be set in the default storage for regular updates for SD card, we suggest you to upgrade to the latest ROM version.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

DOOGEE DG700 Android 5.0 Lollipop Firmware

Build number: Original Android 5.0 Lollipop System
What inside the download package
1,Updating file folder
2, Updating Tool
3, Operating Manuel(English)

This could be only updated with USB connecting!

Please follow the steps in the manuel, sending email to

Download:  DOOGEE DG700 Android 5.0 Lollipop