Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Huawei Ascend Mate7 Fingerprint Operating Using Tutorial

Huawei Ascend Mate7 can set five groups of fingerprin at the normal model and the visitor model, and users can enter the corresponding apps by the fingerprint instead of the password. For example, fingerprint unlocking when on dark screen, logging in cloud account, entering the file confidential cabinet and replacing the password. Now we will have a detailed introduction.

(1) Open the Settings-choose the Fingerprint option-click the Visiting the app lock and Unlocking apps, make sure to open it, and input the password.

(2) Open the Mobile Manager-choose the Auxiliary Function-select the App Lock, and then enter your password and choose the apps that need to be open.

(Note: If opening the app lock function, when open the software once again when the screen is turned off, it also need the fingerprint or the password to open it. If you feel a little trouble about it, you can click the Setting option on the App lock UI and then choose the App Lock to close it.)

2. Fingerprint Combined with Huawei Cloud Service
(1) Open the Setting-Choose the Fingerprint-Select the Verify Huawei User and Open Function-Click to open it, and then enter the password, the fingerprint will be combined with the Huawei Cloud service automatically.

(2) Fingerprint combined with Huawei cloud service can be used to modify or set the safety information of your account, and Huawei Wallet Payments(adde latter), such as modifying the Huawei safety email account.

3. File Confidential Cabine
(1) Open the Setting-Visit the Confidential Cabine, and click to open it-Input the password, and click enter.
(2) Open the File Management-Visit the Classifying files-Choose Confidential Cabine, and then input the password, and enter the Confidential Cabine.

(3) Click the Move button-Select the File Classification, and then choose the files you would like to move into, and make sure to move it.

4. Enter the Vitor Model or the Normal Model through Fingerprint
(1) Open the Setting-Choose the Fingerprint option-Select Password type, and then inout the password, and click OK.

(2) Record your fingerprint. The larger of the fingerprint recording area is, the more convinient it will be for the subsequent fingerprint unlocking. As a result, when users input the fingerprint, they need to be careful to input the center of your fingerprint or close to the edge areas. The area of the fingerprint tha you have inoutted decide the degree of recognition for fingerpring unlocking. Don't to click it repeatly with the center of your finger, and adjust your finger slightly according to the inoutting tips, so that it can gain a large fingerprint area. In addition, here both the left anf right forefingers are set with the host and visitor models.

(3)Open the Setting-Choose the Safety option, and start to use-Input the administrator password "Which also means inputting the password when recording your fingerprint".

(4) Make a list of the fingerprint that used for unlocking by the present administrator, click the Next, and then input the password with visitor model, which can be also used to log in the visitor model directly, ans the sysetem will remind the user of whether to rebuid a new fingerprint or choose fron the currently available fingerprints, and you can enter different models when the screen is turned off.

(5) Setting is over, and then choose which contents to be hidden under the visitor model, such as the contacters, albums, application and so on. If not set, the contents seen under the visitor model will be tha same as the administrator.

(6) It will be invalid to delect the password of the visitor model in the setting and fingerprint options, and people can also open the correct delecting ways by the visitor model fingerprint, for example, first open the setting and then choose the safety, next is privacy protection, then to managing the fingerprint, and switch to the visitor pattern to delect the password.

(7) It can only support inputting one finger at the normal model and entered by the visitor model fingerprint, if you want to recor five fingerprints, you can choose the way below:
Open the Setting-Choose the Fingerprint option-Input the password of visitor model-Record you fingerprint again, and it will be the visitor model fingerprint.
Source: http://www.huaweimobileshop.com/blog/huawei-ascend-mate7-fingerprint-operating-using-tutorial/

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