Friday, 12 December 2014

Huawei Ascend Mate7 18 Hidden Functions

Huawei Ascend Mate7 18 Hidden Functions
1. Press the down volume button under the dark screen, you can make a call after hearing the voice and then saying the name on your address book.
2. Quickly press the down volume button for twice under the dark screen and you can take photos.
3. When pulling down the notification bar, pull from the upper-left to the down is the notice, and from the upper-right is the switch.

4. When pulling down the notification bar, if there is news, there won't be the function of the third one, but the notification bar.
5. You can search the applications directly by pulling fron the middle of the screen.

6. Press the down volume button and power key for long it supports screenshots.
7. Slide upper, no need to unlock, then you can change the wallpaper freely, and save the pictures that you loved. Moreover, you can also open the Calendar, Calculator, Flashlight and Camera apps in a quick by just one touch.
8. When under the magazine locking station, you can enter the music interface by double-pressing the screen, and return to the unlock interface by pressing twice again.
9. Clicking the screen when selfie, it will shoot automaticly three seconds later.
10. Under full focus mode, it support take photos first and then focus.
11. You can take pictures by just pulling down in the gallery.
12. Fingerprint camera supported.
13. Mirror function: Blowing to the microphone, fog will appeared on the screen.
14. Blowing once again, and the screen will be disappeared.
15. Pressing the icons in the notification bar for long, it will enter into the relative setting interface automatically.
16. You can change the virtual key combination of the navigation bar in the settings.
17. It can search the bar codes and the two-dimensional code automatically through the camera, clicking the detail and you can have a campare with both the price and the performance.
18. Pressing the camera screen for long, it support dragging the focus frame and metering box, and can adjust the focus with metering points.


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