Monday, 8 December 2014

Huawei Ascend Mate7 Root Tutorials

I bought a mate7 on Huawei mobile phone website, found that there are some Chinese program, so I want to delete, this tutorial I found in Huawei forum, Note: Root is risky.
Download and prepare the package, and update the mobile phone (after Root may not be able to [system update])
1 mobile phone preparation
> open USB debugging mode (settings - > About phone -> version number - > continuous click - > until tip: you are now in developer mode)
> developers options - > open [USB debugging]
> Settings - > about mobile phone - > find [model], similar to the HUAWEI MT7-CL00
> the to copy into the mobile phone external SD storage card

2. Get the phone unlock code
> Go
> By [model] to find your cell phone
> S / No N: Settings -> About phone -> Status Messages -> Serial Number
> IMEI / MEID: Settings -> About phone -> Status Messages -> IMEI / MEID (Telecom mobile phone to take MEID)
> Product identification code: the dial-up interface input *#1357946##**#* will appear similar to 56400049 Numbers, preserved
> Then the page will prompt similar: your unlock code is: 3759112129881121, preserved

3. Make the ADB Unlock
> Mobile phone connected to the computer, and install the driver (recommended pea pods, make sure the USB debugging mode is turned on)
> Computer install ADB toolkit and GoogleADB driver (adb1.3.exe)
> Enter the DOS (WIN + R > CMD)
> The CMD input adb devices, if the display similar to the Y9KF0923F898343 device, has successfully connected to the ADB
> CMD input adb reboot-bootloader reboot the phone into bootloader mode
> The CMD input fastboot devices confirmed the ADB connection
> CMD input fastboot oem unlock ###### (###### Is the digital part get unlock code above)
> If the display OKAY ... finished ... it means unlock success, while showing unlock the phone interface
> If the display waiting for device, It is usually because the ADB driver installation failed, re check the ADB installation process
> [Optional] CMD input fastboot oem get-bootinfo, Once again see the unlocking state
> [Optional] If the display OKAY ... finished ... it means unlock success, while showing unlock the phone interface
> [Backup, do not operate!] Mobile phone re locked: fastboot oem relock
> The CMD input fastboot reboot restart the mobile phone

4. Brush the Recovery
> Mobile phone boot state, run MT7_CWM_CN_EN\Run.bat on your computer, check the installation required to meet later to continue press any key
> Phone entering bootloader mode, press any key to restart the phone, then quickly enter the next step
> Enter the Recovery: Long press on the volume + power button until the boot into Recovery Mode
> Install Installation by finding the SD card in the file.
> If successfully installed, suggesting "Done! Install from sdcard complete!"
> 'Return (go back)' and restart the phone (repair ROOT privileges)
> Find the phone has been installed SuperSU application, start SuperSU, update binaries> conventional methods, restart the phone
> Complete!

5. The package, please download all:
> Need four code examples:
  Unlock code: 37591739598 *****
  Product Identification Code: 564 *****
  S / N: G2W ***** 220 *****
  MEID: A0 ***** F6 *****

Huawei official original firmware Download:
Official ROM cleanup tool:
ROM Cleaning Tools Using Guide:
1. In the phone external SD card into dload \ UPDATE.APP
2. phone is switched and hold the volume up and down keys, power key, three key together
3. Began to flash mode
4. Flash mode will format the built-in memory card
5. Flash mode does not affect the state of mobile phone Lock
6. Flash after Recovery recovery is the official version

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  1. I have a question dear sir.

    -Return (go back)' and restart the phone (repair ROOT privileges)

    When I "reboot system now" I get a prompt with a No or Yes option. Is that the one you are referring to? What do I pick? Please help.