Friday, 27 February 2015

Huawei Mobile Upgrading Problems

1. Huawei Mobile upgrade, what will it bring for us?
(1)It can make your phone update to the latest version and achieve the goal of optimizing system.
(2) Your phone functions will be extended.

2. What risk may it exist with the upgrading?
There is no risk in theory. Phone upgrading will optimize system and solve some problems, but also will bring new troubles。 At the same time, the size of the upgraded file maybe a little large, which should take network environment, traffic cost and storage space into consideration when upgrade.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Common Questions and Answers

1. Q: What to do if the Huawei Honor 6 Plus crash, restart, screen freezed or unable to open it?
A: The phenomenon of crash, restart, screen freezed or unable to open the mobile when using, it may be brought by the third party software malfunction that have been installed.
1.1 If it can be restarted through the hardware reset button, we suggest you to restore factory Settings in the Settings menu, and if still can't boot, enter the recovery model, and choose the wipe data/factory reset to recovery the factory default.
1.2 If there is still problem with your mobile, you can undertake brushing, and brush into the new system.
1.3 If the upgrade is invalid, please contact the local after-sales maintenance.

2. Q: How to deal with the mobile if forgetting the unlocking pattern of your Honor Plus?
A: Enter the Recovery model and choose the wipe data/factory reset to restore factory settings, but this method will also clear the user information.

3. Q: What should we do if the Honor 6 Plus mobile unable to take pictures?
A: The default storing path of the photos is the built-in memory card. First make sure there is enough space with the memory card. I the default storing path of the photo is the removable memory card, and make sure the SD card has been properly inserted into your mobile, and it can match to your mobile normally, as wel as enough space for storing, if still unable to solve the problem, try to change another SD card and to make sure whether it can take pictures again.

4. Q: Why can't the Huawei Honor 6 Plus mobile be fully charged?
A: After the battery was fully charged, it will start to release a few power. Wait for a period time and then restart to charge your mobile, which is mainly designed to protect your mobile and will prolong your battery life, which is sure to cause to a less than 100% power state. Enter the battery option of the setting menu, you can check the battery status and the remaining power information.

5. Q: How to do if it can't boot when pressing the power button and no charging icon displayed in a short timen when connected with the charger?
A: If your phone has not been used for a long time or the battery has been used excessively, it may exist the situation of a excessive discharged battery, Connect the charger for 3 ~ 5 minutes, and then confirm whether there is the charging icon or boot, if still not, you can contact with the after-sale guarantee service.

6. Q: What should we do if the WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS can't be used?
A: First making sure the functions in your mobile system is complete, for it will not be complete after brushing your mobile.\ Secondly, check whether the baseband, kernel are matched with your mobile ROM version.
Thirdly, if there is no problem with the above description, please restore factory settings and then restart the WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS.
Thirdly, if still not resolved after restore factory settings, you can try to repai your Huawei Honor 6 Plus mobile with brushing. Last, if brushing your Huawei mobile and it still can't be solved, then you can brush back to the official ROM and connect with the agent and after-sales to ask for a guarantee.

Source: Huawei Mobile

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Most Common Questions for Huawei Mobile

1. Q: How to set the silent model when taking photos?
A: Enter the Camera, and then choose the Menu on the upper left, you will enter into the setting options, choose the Silent Button, then you will make it.

2. Q: The Internet is very slow when using one of the SIM cards on a dual SIM phone
A: Dual card phones allow two SIM cards to be used in parallel. Often, the main card slot supports 3G SIM cards (4G on some phones) and the secondary slot supports 2G cards. Some phones now support dual 4G or 3G SIM cards.
If a 3G or 4G SIM card is used in the main card slot and a 2G card is used in the secondary slot, the Internet on the main SIM card will be noticeably faster as it uses 3G or 4G, both of which are faster than 2G.
If Internet access is slow when using a 3G or 4G SIM card, please verify that your phone has a strong enough signal.

3. Q: The call volume is very low or there is noise
A: You can turn up the call volume during a call using the volume up button.
Please make calls in an area with strong network signal or low noise levels.
Aligning the receiver with your ear can help to increase the call volume.Please do not cover the microphone (normally on the bottom of the phone) with your fingers or other objects. The sound source should not be too far from the microphone.
Please use the Huawei headset included when making calls. Other headsets may be incompatible with the phone.
If you still cannot solve the problem, restart your phone or restore the phone to factory settings after backing up important data. If the problem still persists after restarting your phone or restoring the phone to factory settings, please contact Huawei customer service or take your phone and purchase invoice to a service center for inspection.
Huawei will release the latest software versions on its official website. In order to enjoy the best possible user experience, please visit the Huawei Downloads Page and find the appropriate download for your model. Alternatively, you can update to the latest software version via an over-the-air update.

4. Q: There is no sound when viewing online videos
A: Check if the phone's multimedia volume is set to mute. You can increase the video playback volume by pressing the volume up button when viewing a video.
Check if the video playback client is set to mute. If so, disable the mute setting.
Reinstall the video playback client.
Try to play the video on another phone to see if there is a problem with the video file.
Play another video file to see if there is a problem with the video player.
Try again after restarting your phone.
If the problem persists, please contact Huawei customer service or take your phone and purchase invoice to a service center for inspection.

5. Q: How do I remove the camera button at the bottom-right of the lock screen?
A: The camera button at the bottom-right of the lock screen is a convenient feature of the EMUI system that allows users to launch the camera quickly. If you do not require this feature, you can remove it using one of the following methods:
Change the theme
Go to Themes and then select a theme that does not contain a camera button on the bottom-right of the lock screen.
Change the unlock method
Enter Themes, select Customize > Screen lock style and then swipe to the left or right to select a style that does not contain a camera button.
* This solution is only applicable to EMUI 2.0 or above.

6. Q: The phone does not charge when connected to a computer
A: The computer's USB port may not provide sufficient current.
If the phone is connected to a desktop computer, you are recommended to connect the data cable to a USB port on the back of the desktop unit.
If the phone is connected to a laptop, please connect the phone directly to one of the computer's USB ports; external USB ports may not provide sufficient current.
If the phone is still not charging, you are recommended to charge the phone via the mains using the battery charger.

7. Q: The battery does not charge properly
A: If the battery is completely discharged, connect the battery charger and wait for 5 minutes then check to see whether it is charging properly.
Use the included charger to charge the battery. If you are still unable to charge the battery when using the charger provided, remove and reinsert the USB cable, change the extension socket or restart the phone.
The phone might not charge if it overheats.
Huawei phones feature a special heat-protective design. The charging process will stop when the phone overheats.
It is not recommended to play games, watch videos, browse the Internet or use other similar power-intensive functions when the battery is charging.
When using a portable battery charger, ensure that the output current is suitable for your phone. For example: The current provided by the charger included is 1 A. If the portable charger provides a current greater than or less than 1 A, this may result in the battery failing to charge. If you are still unable to charge the battery, use the data cable provided to connect to the portable charger.
If the problem persists, please contact Huawei customer service or take your phone and purchase invoice to a service center for inspection.

Source: Huawei Mobile

Friday, 20 February 2015

Hauwei Mobile Settings

1. Q: How do I restore factory settings?
A: If you wish to restore factory settings, please back up all important data stored on your phone, such as contacts, messages, system settings and any apps you installed. Next, proceed according to the following steps:
Go to Settings and select Backup & reset > Factory data rest > Reset phone > Reset phone. Your phone will automatically restart and settings will be restored to the factory default.

2. Q: How do I format the microSD card?
A: Go to Settings, select Storage and then choose My SD card > Erase SD card. All data on the microSD card will be erased once you confirm this operation.

3. Q: How do I kill apps running in the background?
A: On the Settings screen, select Manage apps and then select the app you wish to kill. Touch the Stop button then follow the on-screen prompts to kill the app.
If your phone has Phone Manager preloaded, open Phone Manager and then select Phone accelerator to kill all apps running in the background.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Huawei Mobile Switch on & Operating Questions

1. Q: My Huawei Phone is slow
A: Open Phone Manager, select Scan and then follow the on-screen prompts to optimize your phone.

Open Phone Manager and select Phone accelerator to kill apps that you are not currently using.

Open Phone Manager. For EMUI 2.0 and EMUI 2.3, select Storage cleaner and then follow the on-screen prompts to clear junk from your phone.

Restart your phone.

If the preceding methods do not speed up your phone, it is recommended that you back up any important data and then restore factory settings

Monday, 16 February 2015

Huawei Ascend Mate7 Common Q&As

1.Q: Does the Huawei Ascend Mate7 support Dual SIM card dual standby and dual-pass or just single-pass?
A: Yes, it support Dual SIM card dual standby dual-pass.

2. Q: Is it distinguished by primary and secondary card?
A: Yes, it is. You can switch the primary and secondary card by chossing Setting-SIM managing.

3. Q: Does it support double Unicom cards standby at the same time?
A: Yes, it support.

4. Q: How to set the main and vice cards, and designate a SIM card for online, calling and sending messages?
A: Please choose Setting- SIM manager in order.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

JIAYU S3 Android 4.4.4 ROM

ROM Phone JIAYU S3 – ROM Android 4.4.4
ROM 3 – S3W 20150123-225823 – mt6752_h560_s3w_jyt_cc_kk_lte_5m-cs_mul_tphone – KTU84P – Basic – 2G Ram

Monday, 2 February 2015

ThL T12 Android 4.4 Official ROM

ROM Phone ThL 2015 – ROM Android 4.4.2
ONLY MT6592 + 1G Ram + 8G Rom + HD
Official ROM ThL T12 version: thl.T12.171A.1373GWM.V02.A1.150202.KK1.V2_10.HD.MV88.B1B5 – KOT49H – V1_WCDMA
Gapps include – No Rooted