Monday, 15 December 2014

Huawei mobile phone WiFi FAQ

Huawei mobile wifi link instability problem, wifi connectivity issues are likely associated with the user network environment.
A: if the specific scene is the WiFi connection is not stable, frequent disconnections, please:
Method one: please confirm whether users far distance routers, whether there is a wall, whether the WLAN signal is in the 2 to 3 grid around. If yes, the user is close to the router, and then try again. (Due to environmental radio interference, when the weak signal may cause disconnect)

Method two: please users under the other routers, to try, whether it is normal.
Method three: it is recommended that the user log into the router will "key update cycle" is set to 0. After restart the router, try again
Method four: upgrade to the latest version, and try again

B does not automatically connect to the WiFi, have to re set manually, please:
Need to confirm is connected with mobile phone settings hotspots, or connected to the router. If it is cannot connected automatically mobile phone settings hotspots, may be doing hotspots mobile phone in standby turned off this feature. If it is not automatically connected to the router hotspots, need to confirm whether the password has been modified, or too many connection. Can set static IP test again.

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