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ThL W100
Jelly Bean v4.2.2

  • Jelly Bean v4.2.2
          WikiPedia 11 February 2013
  • Fixed Bluetooth audio streaming bugs
  • Long-pressing the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons in Quick Settings now toggles the on/off state
  • New download notifications, which now shows the percentage and estimated time remaining for active app downloads
  • New sounds for wireless charging and low battery
  • New Gallery app animation allows faster loading
  • USB debug whitelist
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

  •  ROFuSiON
  • Unique world's 1'st (first) inovative RoM that combines both OS and post OS configuration
  • Advanced installation reduces by 90% OS post config user interaction
  • For both low & high end users, pro4all quality is asured directly from installation
  • It has vision and it will make u feel Real Good about it !
ROFuSiON takes care for U by self implementing the most common and most 
system os responsible settings and various configuration, by care and with knowledge already tested, these settings are being applied automatically for U.
This is Evolutionary and Till Common, Present Day it is The First One Who Does That !
  • De0dexed & Zipaligned
  • CWM-Recovery v6.0.3.6 ( build by RO.EDi ) - Simple, Clean, Fast, Stable, Powerful
  • Boot  - unsecured
  • BusyBox - stable latest july 2013
  • RooT - with the best Superuser by CWM
  • Link2SD -  for advanced users
  • GPU SystemUI Rendering 
  • Total Commander - the best file manager ever
  • Battery Booster - to balance and maximize battery without loss in performance
  • eXtra Security Internet Settings + adds host direct blocker - faster page loading & safer
  • Adobe Flash Player 11.1 - v11.1.115.69 latest
  • CPU HotPlug - best governer (activates, deactivates cpu cores instantly)
  • Improved performance - wifi, umts, hspa, hsupa, hsdpa, hspap, edge, gprs, evdo
  • Volume boost - enhancement's for speaker (very notable when playing audio, video content)
  • GPS + aGPS + EPO speed positioning fix
  • Sensor Calibration fix 
  • Kernel aditional tweaks
  • OS self cleanup - trash on every boot
  • Swype
  • Boosted Touch Screen Responsiveness
  • Updated GPU drivers - jelly bean v4.2.2
  • Updated All Coms (Modem)
  • More Tweaks UI to GPU - jelly bean v4.2.2
  • Improved UI General Speed - jelly bean v4.2.2
  • Dalvik VM Tweaks
  • Power Menu - reboot to cwm v6.0.3.6 latest recovery by RO.EDi & reboot to safe mode
  • Added Avast The Best Protection for Android - firewall for market apps or unknown apps 
  • Remodeling - new visual eye candy
  • Added Wallpapers - pack of 25 beautiful selected wallpapers
  • Expanded ROFuSiON v2.0 attributes to 90% aprox - more work for me and less for U
  • Improved Installation Setup Speed up to 40% Faster ! - thanks to jelly bean 4.2.2 for that 
 Up to 5 Multi Users Experience

  • Up To 5 Multi Users Experience:
  • 5 different users each one with his own personalization desktop look, settings, apps. 
 Reboot to Safe Mode

  • Reboot to Android Safe Mode 
Allows you to boot up your device with only the core preloaded applications running. Meaning any apps you’ve downloaded won’t be running. The benefit of Safe Mode is that it allows you to correct issues caused by a defective or corrupt apps.
Here’s what you need to know about Android Safe Mode.

When to use

With the Android platform featuring the loose controls that open-sourced dictates, occasionally an app can cause your device to become defective. This can be really annoying as it could mean that you’re unable to get your device to turn on fully so you can delete the app. When this happens, most people would think of hard resetting the device and losing all their data.
Safe Mode means you don’t need to do this as it only loads the preloaded applications; essentially it puts your phone back to factory settings and applications without deleting any of your data or media.

  • ThL W100 World's First Mods For Foto & Video Parameters:
  • Activated H264 Video Recording for FiNE and For All Profiles
  • Activated 160 KBs for Audio 
  • Continuous Auto focus in Video Recordings 
  • Activated x4 core for video renderings 
  • Increased thumbs transcondings to 100% quality 
RO.EDi Present's The First Modded MT6589 ThL W100 iN The iNTERNET maybe the World ?!
Modded Recording Parameters without the "media_profiles.xml" file !

 Jelly Bean Default

 Profile FINE

 Jelly Bean Default


Profile HIGH

 Jelly Bean Default


Most Important:
The Video BitRate i Downgraded from eXcessive 25 mbs to variable and maxim to 8 mbs
Now why i did that ?!
Well The PRO user know this trick.
The Other users well it must be eXplained with details.

The Kernel is locked to 25 mbs and this is good since are few devices that can handle this
incredible high rate !
But  25 mbs does not mean the quality is equal, higher data input more than he really need brings no quality at all.
The high 25 mbs data is helping on fast scene with loot's of movements and action. that's all.
For a device like ThL W100 with kernel locked picture detail locked by default to minimize the quality for end users and to use an 25 mbs encode well it is an abuse.
FiNAL conclusion is that this device need at maximum 6 mbs to encode avc and this is
Only for the users who know about video encoding !

I don't expect and i really don't care for the ones who think otherwise to understand !
So by downgrade from not necessary 25 mbs to more than enough 8 mbs it will be the same quality and the main advantage will be the enormous gain in space usage and more minutes to record on whatever u record in there.
Basic aprox calculation based on 10 min recording with profile on Fine:
 ThL or MT6589 Default 25 mbs encoding
1 min = 200 MB 
10 min = 2 GB Required Space for 10 min

RO.EDi variable encoding to maximum 8 mbs
1 min = 45 MB 
10 min = 450 MB Required Space for 10 min

Conclusion:  gained 1550 MB and of course the video quality is the same !
  • ThL W100 World's First Mods For Audio Parameters:
DTS Sound is a comprehensive audio solution for mobile entertainment, delivering a combination of unsurpassed entertainment for audio and video. With DTS Sound, the device can be tuned for peak performance so consumers can enjoy an expanded stereo image and maximum volume from internal speakers and an immersive virtual surround sound experience over headphones. To complete the audio experience, post processing techniques are implemented to restore rich detail lost during the compression process, provide bass enhancement and to deliver maximum and level volume across content.

DTS Sound Benefits:
  • Expands the sound image in both the horizontal and vertical planes beyond the physical speaker limitations.
  • Realistic placement of audio cues for immersive surround sound over headphones.
  • Restores audio cues lost during the compression process.
  • Optimized low frequency performance for better bass response.
  • Improved volume output delivering maximum volumes and consistent volumes across content without creating clipping or distortion.
  • Custom tuned to mobile device (DTS expert engineering support).

  • Build Only with Languages Below:
As can be seen from ROFuSiON v2.0 and futures build's there will be no more support for country's that has disrespected or will disrespect the sharing agreement license.
So no more Hungarian, Spanish and Italian languages in any of my build.
Thank u for understanding !

  •        And many, many other(s) discover by uorself......

Quick Info:  ROFuSiON v2.0 
   based on Jelly Bean v4.2.2 is 100% Finalized 
   Available For Download Only From Next Week !
   Selected Members Only !
  Tests had to be done to be sure for ROFuSiON v2.0 Liderance !
Thanks to All of You who have donated, later buyed my work (not my rom).
Without Your contribution this device would be just another device from fabrics, reduced in multifunctionality as all, 
low end class and medium class devices are coming default(s) from fabrics.
ThL W100 is medium class device !
Once again Than You All for Your Respect and Consideration !!!!!

ROFuSiON v2.0
Not Free !
Price is 10 euros

Download and Future Updates: Only To Selected Users
When Buy please specify that is for ThL W100 !
Please specify on Paypal for what the money are for , don't send anymore without specify !
Thank U ! 

Tip: A device might be called Smartphone, that doesn't mean the user of it might be too !

For ROFuSiON v1.4 based on Jelly BEAN v4.2.1 is here

Quick Info: v1.4 is no longer supported since is based on Retired
Jelly Bean v4.2.1 

Banned and Restricted Countries - No Donation Accepted
Reason: Sharing License Policy Not Respected !
A: Hungary
B: Spain 
C: Italy
D: Brazil

OK 3X + 1 Times Strikes, now since are a few people politicians type that are saying something and do the contrary
it let me with 2 (two) choices:
A: Keep al my work for me only and maybe some friends, as many people does away from public.
B: Adding Protection:
    * Hard implementation by IMEI so that the rom itself will run only with/on by specific phone IMEI.
       (and if u give me the wrong IMEI, for me to implement in my rom, than u can't use it at all
        and i will not accept the second imei as excuse)
    * Code obfuscation, encryption for the ones who want to mess with my files.

The Reason i am doing this:
because many great, good projects are being created, and many developers or modders
 will not even made available
for the public for the simplest reason that the owner of that peticular project is not appreciated
or being mocked by persons that don't and can't see more than 1 meter ahead.
now many and i mean many great, good or simple developers or modders
are quitting or fade away because of such person(s) and their insults.
some will invoke excuses like (i sell the phone, my phone was stolen,
i left my phone fall down and screen broke,
or i give my phone to my children and he/she broke the screen.....)
these are just a few of the reasons that some developers or modders are saying,
heck i didn't suppose to point that by exposing developers, modders techniques,
 but i know it don't matter to u so here they are the true facts.

INFO: Don't use wipe cache, factory reset, wipe dalvik or other
Becouse my advanced script is making them all !
OK so be chill and relax let my script work for u !
my script is not cyanogenmod is made by me RO.EDi !

A: Copy file "" to RooT of uor microSD card.
B. Remove Battery From Phone wait 2 sec.
C: iNSERT microSD card into phone.
D. Press Volume UP + Power
FOR ABOUT 8 SEC til u are into recovery menu.

E. install zip from sdcard
F: chose zip from sdcard
G: select file
H: Yes - Install

i: It will self Reboot......and u have to wait 1 minute till load is complete !!!!!!


Tips for Beginer(s) For Avoiding  
 Software or Hardware Brick(s)!

A. Always be sure to make first an backup of uor device before installing custom or another rom.
B. Always be sure to have phone's battery charged at 100% before making an flash operation.
C. Windows operation:
     * Always be sure to disable any antivirus or antispyware or program that might interfere
        when u flash, make backup or any operation on with/phone from Windows.
     * If u operate flash from windows than always be sure to not operate other programs,
        eXception by the program itself that operate the flash procedures of phone/device.
     * Do not be distrat with something else, just be cool, calm, and always respect the flash,
        or any operation regarding flash procedures.
     * If is too much for u ask someone else to assist u (someone who knows better)
     * Always be sure to not flash if u know that u have power failures of electricity.
D. Always be sure that u are flashing the right rom for uor device/phone .
E. If u don't understand something here, than be sure to read again all over.
F. Always be sure that the MD5 of files (boot.img, recovery.img, system, data, cache) is matching

RO.EDi wishes U Good Luck !

RO.EDi and ROFuSiON 
ThL W100 MoDDeD RoM's


  1. I'm absolutely inlove with THL W100 the moment I saw it in'm using it now and the display is superb,lifelike and it's very convenient to watch videos and movies. I must say also, that having this in most cheapest price sealed the deal for most users like me. It's really all about personal preference.

  2. disculpa me falta la clave para el archivo ROFuSiON EDiTiE Finala v2.0
    para poderlo descomprimir ayuda porfavor

  3. Does this still exist, or is it only virus and trojaner files?
    Ther's no way to get it....