Wednesday, 18 September 2013

English Root Zopo C2 platinum/c3/zp980 turbo


Download the application, let it load and press root. that's basicly it, it might not work the first time but just do it again then.

If you want to flash custom roms, you'll have to root first, then install a recovery. Since i've explained root i'll give you a step by step guide on how to install a recovery/rom.

1. Root your phone.
2. Install the app Mobileuncle Tools from the google play store.
3. Download this recovery: You'll get 1 file called recovery.img. Put this on your phones sdcard.
4. Go into the app Mobileuncle Tools and select Recovery update. Select the recovery.img you put on your phone earlier and press ok.
5. You've now flashed a custom recovery on your phone. Restart your phone.
6. Now you can enter recovery using Mobileuncle Tools app as well, just tap Into recovery mode.

You can now install roms, which one you want is up to you, I suggest this one however:

Alright here are the instructions to install this rom (These instructions will work for most other roms as well)

1. Download the rom I linked here above.
2. Put it on your phone's sd card
3. Use mobileuncle tools app to boot into recovery.
4. When you're in recovery, wipe cache, wipe dalvik-cache and do a factory reset.
5. Press install in recovery and select the .zip file you downloaded from
6. Let it install, it will say when it's finished. first boot can take a few minutes.

If you want to backup data etc you can use an app like titanium backup.
Hope this helps you/others!

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