Saturday, 7 March 2015

Magazine Lock Screen Common Problems and Methods

Upgrading Problems:
No.1: Some Huawei mobiles can receive the updating notification message, but the progress bar is always stuck in 0% after opening the upgrading page.

Method: Some versions of the client can only support the internal storage that set by default, if user have modified the default storage for SD card storage, just switch back. Part model of the latest version has been updated, and it can be set in the default storage for regular updates for SD card, we suggest you to upgrade to the latest ROM version.

No.2: Unable to download after clicking the upgrading notification
Method: Disable the "Download manager" or "Application download content" disabled, found it in the Settings-Application management and then lift the ban.

No.3: Download progress more than 100%
Method: Find the HWthmems/magazine/Balance(magazine) file in the file manager and clear all the files, and then upgrade it again. It has a big connection with the speed of the network, if still can’t be solved, we suggest you to upgrade under a better network environment.

No.4: Repeatedly download phenomenon appeared with the upgrading
Method: It is mainly because the upgrading file is managed by the operator room, and users repeatedly download the same files from the Proxy Server and the Huawei Server. The full solving for the problem will depend on the operator agent strategy.

No.5: Never upgraded with the magazine lock screen
Method: Apart from the network, default storing location, it mainly because the ROM version that the user used only support local magazine lock screen function, and not support the online upgrading at present, if need to upgrade, please upgrade to the latest version mobile system.

Using Problems:
No.1: Photos with the old version disappeared after upgrading
Method: If you want to save some pictures, you can collect them into the Location by clicking the “Like” button on the magazine lock screen interface, while no titles and words. Moreover, if flash your phone or upgrading at a large version, the photos will be saved automatically. EMUI3.0 version has added new custom image features, which can put their favorite picture manually add back to the magazine lock screen.

No.2: After change the theme, why can't use the magazine lock screen? And how to set back?
Method: Magazine lock screen is also one kind of lock screen, after the theme changed, the unlock way will be replaced. You can change the lock screen with the default magazine unlock, or change the unlock style into "Magazine Unlock" in the theme management of "mix build" (part of the model called "custom").

No.3: Journal lock screen disappeared or unable to update
After system upgraded
Method: You need to reapply with the theme of the magazine to unlock in the theme manager, some need to restart.

No.4: Supported EMUI version with journal lock screen
Method: Magazine lock screen could only partly used in part of EMUI version 2.3 and all the EMUI 3.0 version, other EMUI not support the lock screen function. Because magazine lock screen is not an APK, so it can't provide functional transplantation.

No.5: Unable to use magazine lock screen after setting the password or pattern unlock, or magazine lock screen control area disappear
Method: It mainly because user opened a "Directly show the password interface" option when setting the password or a pattern to unlock, remove the tick in the security settings and it can be solved.


  1. Thank you for your post. It solved my problem.
    Keep it up my mate!

  2. how can I delete the pictures which are corrupted in the magazine unlock? Please help. Thank you

  3. I have deleted all d pictures of magazine unlock n frm then it not functioning .how can I get the back

  4. I have deleted all d pictures of magazine unlock n frm then it not functioning .how can I get the back

    1. In lock screen there will be a cover icon in emui3.1, in there u can put ur photos u need

  5. I have deleted all d pictures of magazine unlock n frm then it not functioning .how can I get the back