Thursday, 26 March 2015

How to add Google Service

How to add Google Service:

1. open WIFI or data connection

2. Setting- Security- Superuser

3. download this application “Fastcard Google Service Installer” (this is in Chinese), unrar and install it on your phone.

4. Click the white button to scan and the app will auto scan to check if the device has the Google Service.

5. (It shows Jiayu S3 doesn’t have the Google Service) Click the yellow button to fix it.

6. the phone will auto download Google Service from China Server and install to your phone.

7. The Fastcardtech Google Service Installer needs Root Permission, so please click “allow”.

8. When the installation is finished, click “OK” to reboot the phone.

9. After reboot, as the picture shows Google Service is already in.

10. Check the menu if there’s a Play Store icon. If no, try again from Step 4.

11. Make sure the Google Play works, need you to login the account.

Tips: Phone needs Root Permission whatever phone it is, because Google Frame.apk needs to be moved into the system apps. If you do not know how to root, please don’t do it yourself, it will be a high risk to make your phone bricked.

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