Friday, 20 March 2015

Huawei HiSuiteSetup v2.3.42

Huawei HiSuite Android smart device new manager which is suitable for Huawei mobiles, makes it possible for you to manage the user data and software on your Android device much easier. It support downloading and installing the internet source just by one key easily, and full enjoy the rich user experience that brought by the Android smartphones.
Support Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, French etc.
Updated Contents:
1. Add the function of displaying the SIM card contacts in Contact Manager.
2. Add the Head portrait editing function in Contact Manager.
3. Contact sort in alphabetical order.
4. Add the text import function (Only support importing the assistant exported text file).
5. Add full selection and subdirectories display function with the photos and videos.
6. Optimize the home page capacity display, and add the caption of the capacity and the icon entrance for obvious file management.
7. Add menu bar in the Application management, and provide the entrance for providing apps and the app export function.
8. Optimize the interface of the Home page and the menu bar, optimize backup recovery options interface.

Download: Huawei HiSuiteSetup v2.3.42

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