Friday, 27 February 2015

Huawei Mobile Upgrading Problems

1. Huawei Mobile upgrade, what will it bring for us?
(1)It can make your phone update to the latest version and achieve the goal of optimizing system.
(2) Your phone functions will be extended.

2. What risk may it exist with the upgrading?
There is no risk in theory. Phone upgrading will optimize system and solve some problems, but also will bring new troubles。 At the same time, the size of the upgraded file maybe a little large, which should take network environment, traffic cost and storage space into consideration when upgrade.
3. What's the EMUI upgrading method?
There are two EMUI upgrading methods at present: Online upgrade and SD card upgrade.

4. How long will it take?
Under the condition of no account of preparing time, it will be less than 10 minutes for the SD card upgrade, while the system updating depends on the network environment.

5. Notes before upgrading:
(1) Backup the data of your mobile, such as Contacts, SMS, etc.
(2) Prepare one SD card with at least 2GB free space, and not formatted.
(3) Make sure there is more than 50% electricity left in case of upgrade failure by the lower power.
(4) If upgrade with the method of system updating(OTA), we suggest you to open the WLAN function, in case of producing too much network traffic cost because of too large upgrading files.
(5) If adopting the SD card method, you need to check whether the SD card can be read and write, and whether there is enough storage space.

6. What's the reson for failng to upgrade?

(1) Lower power.
(2) Wrong upgrading files that have been downloaded.
(3) Not enough storage space with your mobile.
(4) SD card damaged or with poor quality which cause the data read interruptted.
(5) Poor network environment which can not download the upgrading files in normal.

7. How to seek for help when coming to problems with mobile upgrading?
(1) Looking for answers in the "Common Questions".
(2) Looking for answers in the "BUG Feedback/Help" section of the "Huawei Fans Club".

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