Friday, 20 February 2015

Hauwei Mobile Settings

1. Q: How do I restore factory settings?
A: If you wish to restore factory settings, please back up all important data stored on your phone, such as contacts, messages, system settings and any apps you installed. Next, proceed according to the following steps:
Go to Settings and select Backup & reset > Factory data rest > Reset phone > Reset phone. Your phone will automatically restart and settings will be restored to the factory default.

2. Q: How do I format the microSD card?
A: Go to Settings, select Storage and then choose My SD card > Erase SD card. All data on the microSD card will be erased once you confirm this operation.

3. Q: How do I kill apps running in the background?
A: On the Settings screen, select Manage apps and then select the app you wish to kill. Touch the Stop button then follow the on-screen prompts to kill the app.
If your phone has Phone Manager preloaded, open Phone Manager and then select Phone accelerator to kill all apps running in the background.

4. Q: How do I turn my phone on and off with a timer?
A: The phone does not come preloaded with an on/off timer app. Please download a third-party app and use this to configure timers.

5. Q: How do I enable GPS?
A: Swipe downwards from the status bar and select the GPS shortcut switch to quickly turn GPS positioning on or off.
If you want more accurate positioning or wish to reduce battery drain, you can go to Settings, select location services or location access and then choose your preferred location methods such as Wi-Fi, mobile data or A-GPS.

6. Q: How do I use the All Focus feature to take a photo?
A: The All Focus feature lets you take an image first before selecting the focal point of the photo.
Go to the camera viewfinder mode and switch to All focus. Ensure that the object you wish to photograph doesn't move, get close to the object, steady your phone and then take a photo.
When opening photos that were taken in All Focus mode, follow the on-screen prompts to enter edit mode and then touch the area that you want in focus to refocus that image.
* Only some phone models support the All Focus feature.

7. Q: How do I focus when taking a photo?
A: Point the lens at the object that you want to photograph. The camera will focus automatically; you can also touch the screen to focus manually. It takes about 1.5 seconds for the camera to focus. Please wait until the camera has finished focusing before taking a photo.
If the focus frame turns red, this means that the camera failed to focus. Please move the lens and focus again.

Source: Huawei Phone

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