Thursday, 1 May 2014

Inew V3 Android4.4 Kitkat Style ROM Beta Preview (Root + CWM Touch)

Hi! my first Beta firmware preview for the Inew V3 based on Android/Linux Kernel 3.4.5
if you like to try new roms then maybe you like this one in Kitkat style
the looks, feel and also the working functions of Kitkat blended on your V3,


Rooted + Explorer +
Touch Recovery CWM +

İmage İmage

internally 13+Gb File/Storage Partition
Rooted and with CWM Touch Support also this one should be faster more responsive than the stock rom, hope you like so far.

İmage İmage

Download Link: Inew V3 Android4.4 Kitkat Style ROM


  1. How to flash this firmware , flash by recovery or SP tool ?

  2. I think inew v3 plus price is one of the best on the market right now compared with inew v3 plus specs . It can compete without any problem with top smartphones.