Monday, 12 May 2014

All Huawei Mobile phones Root

Tutorial is also on this site:
Unlock Bootloader & Root

Please note that this tutorial was designed for Windows.

  1. Introduction
    This works on all models of the Huawei Ascend G600, I tested on my U8950N-51.
    Please keep in mind that I am not responsible for any possible damages to your phone.
    The methods in this article may void your warranty, break your phone, and set your house on fire, so please read carefully and ensure you know what you are doing.
  2. Unlocking the bootloader
    Your device restores to its' factory settings, and erases data. So back up!
    Setting Up
    1. Request your unlocking code here from the Huawei Website.
    2. Ensure the ADB drivers are set up, here is the official Huawei application for phone drivers.
    3. Download the adb_tools-2.0 from here, and place them somewhere. For this article, we will go with the simple option and say it is placed on 'C:\'.
    4. Switch the device to fastboot mode. First switch of the fast booting feature (in the settings menu), then power off the device. Next, hold the power and volume down keys simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. The Huawei logo should appear and stay on the screen. If so, your device is now in 'Fastboot' mode.
    5. Connect the device to the computer with a with a USB cable.
    6. Open the command prompt, and enter the directory where the 'adb_tools-2.0' are located. As I said before, for this example I placed them in 'C:\', so I would type 'cd C:\adb_tools-2.0' (cd means 'change directory), then hit enter.
    7. Now for the unlocking. In the computer’s command window, enter:
      fastboot oem UNLOCK PASSWORD, (for example, 'fastboot oem unlock 1234567812345678').
      If your unlocking is successful you should see something like:
      'C:\adb_tools-2.0>fastboot oem unlock 1234567812345678
      (bootloader) Unlocking ...

      OKAY [ 0.039s]
      finished. total time: 0.040s
    8. Your device should restart.
    9. Now we will check to see if the unlocking has succeeded.
      Enter 'fastboot oem get-bootinfo'. The bootloader lock state of your device is displayed.
      Bootloader Lock State: LOCKED indicates that the bootloader is still locked.
      Bootloader Lock State: UNLOCKED indicates that your device’s bootloader has been unlocked, and you can now proceed to develop your device. :highfive:
  3. Rooting the phone
    In order to root the phone, you will need the 'Root' zip file and a custom recovery to install it.
    Firstly, download both these files below:
    1. Root File
    2. Recovery File
    Now that we have the files downloaded, we can begin the rooting process
    1. Extract 'U8950D_Mssff_touch_recovery.7z'
    2. Turn off your phone
    3. Hold the Power and Volume Down keys for at least 10 seconds to enter fastboot mode.
    4. Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable.
    5. From the extracted 'U8950D_Mssff_touch_recovery.7z' archive, run the 'flash_RECOVERY.bat' script (just double click on it). A terminal should open and show the fastboot commands flashing the recovery to your phone.
    6. Your phone should restart. Once it does, place the '' file onto your phone's SD Card.
    7. Turn off your phone.
    8. Hold the Power and Volume UP keys for at least 10 seconds. Your phone will enter recovery mode.
    9. Navigate through the menu using the volume (up and down) and power (select) keys, or simply by touching the buttons.
    10. Choose "install zip from sdcard", then select "choose zip from sdcard"
    11. Select "", and comfirm "Yes" to install
    12. Once completed, select "reboot system now"

    And that's it! Your phone will restart and you will now see the "SuperUser" app in your menu.
    Your phone is now unlocked and rooted, and you can start developing!

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