Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fix SP Flash tool errors and problems

Many users seem to be having issues with SP Flash Tools. Often we'll see errors such as 'brom error 4032, 4008, 3144, 1013'. These fixes aren't guaranteed to help with that, but they're just some common problems that are easy to attempt when using SP Flash Tools to see if it fixes the issue.
In this order (easiest to toughest):

- Make sure you're using the latest versions of MTK Droid Tools and SP Flash Tools
- Run SP Flash Tools in admin mode
- Try with 'download' and 'firmware upgrade' mode. For firmware upgrade mode, all items need to be checked. In that case, make sure all parts of the firmware are there, or remove the references to them in the scatter if you don't want to flash them or if they don't exist.
- Try a new USB cable
- Try 'Flash Tool' instead of 'SP Flash Tool'
- Uninstall the current drivers and install again with PDANet.
- Try a different PC
- Sometimes a different preloader MAY help, however this should only be attempted if all other solutions fail and could brick your phone if you use the wrong one.


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