Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Huawei G750-U10 (honor 3x) Kitkat 4.4.2

A lot of people compaints that Huawei is not updated U10 with kitkat
well the good news is, you can take a little bit trouble and update it to not only kitkat but to Emui 3.0 which makes your phone running par to Ascend mate7

Vcom drivers

MKT Droid Tool

B113 4.2.2 base with unlocked bootloader
Root Genius to root your device

Gaaps to flash immediately after you flash Kitkat rom

G750-T00 kitkat base

Rooted with twrp recovery inbuild base rom

Here we go.
Download all the above files.
1) Root your device with Root Genius (at time's it might take several attempts so do not give up)
2) as soon as you root, go to the playstore and install super su by chainfire. let super su take over the kingroot because i personaly feel Super Su give's the full root.
3) one's you have super user, open it and make sure its functioning.
4) now install MKT Droid tool and backup your NVRAM for which you got to install Vcom drivers to recognise the device. best OS is Win7 32bit to get things straight. incase if the device is not recognised, reboot your PC and try again.
5) One's MKT Tool recognises the device, install adbd on the mobile. it's a paid version. (you know how to get it)
6) open adbd it's in chinese. tik all the boxes in adbd and close.
7) now click on root button at the bottom of MKT Droid tools. it's initially in yellow color. untill it becomes green, you cannot backup NVRAM (this is your esf and imei which you are going to loose after flashing kitkat rom from different mobile brand)
8)after you succeed backup up the NVRam, you did the toughest job of all time. :P
9)now flash G750-T00 Rom with flash tools which you are going to find in the last link i've provided. search net how to flash with flash tool.
10) after flashing the base, you will loose the network. first thing you got to do is root your mobile with root genius. then install playstore. google for playstore apk. install playstore, sign in with your gmail id and install adbd again. (if you do not want to install play store you know the black way to do it.) one's you install the adbd, tik the boxes and go to MTK Droid tools to restore the NVRAM. which will bring back your network connections.
11) one's you get the network, flash the 251 base as per the last link provided. this one comes with many goodies like twrp, 3minit battery mode etc. one's you flash this base, go to backup and reset and factory reset your phone to gain access to GPRS. it will fix by itself.
12)reboot into twrp and flash gapps.

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