Thursday, 28 May 2015

Android M Gallery feature upgrades
In Google I / O conference, Google to give us a new Android M operating system, the media exposure of the Android M new gallery screenshots.

When the open gallery, first showing a pinwheel rotation animation, looks very cool, the Android system currently has a lot of animation rendering, Android M will have more of this kind of animation. The new Gallery allows users to quickly find certain types of pictures through search, such as you enter "dog", then all photos of the dog will be displayed. In addition, the animal, landscape, characters and other tag to classify the display, this may be through the image recognition technology to achieve.

And in the aspect of image editing, Android M gallery also added some new features, for example, a user can innovation of various types of photo collection,  including album, animation, movies, story, puzzles, so edit out of the picture gallery will be even more interesting.

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