Friday, 30 January 2015

ThL T100S Android L


What is this ROM ?
Many stability improvements and fixed random reboot issue. Also west-european GPS configuration, speed improvements and power consumption reduction.

Added beter camera with EIS and HDR, added multilanguage Google Keyboard and latest Google play services update to avoid crashes. Added Lightflow to have working LED on all phone messages.

Use MT GPS to get latest EPO.DAT and FastGPS to set your own custom homelocation. Both available free on Google Play store. True Multilanguage with default set at Dutch.
Known Issues:
    - Gmail makes Google play services crash, use other mail client or wait for Google play services fix. To solve this:

        Download latest Google Play services here and install it.
        Download latest Gmail client here and install it, and do not accept updates for Gmail for now !!!!
    - At first start up, keyboard is not set to default, go to Settings (Instellingen) and scroll to Language (Taal en invoer) first and enable Google keyboard as default.
    - Lenovo SnapIt can hog some memory, do a background task kill to have better battery performance (long press home key, hit the red garbagecan). If you do this, no more reboots possible and memory behaviour is normal (just over 24hrs normal usage).

    After first boot do the installation of all your favorite apps. After that, long press the HOME button (middle one) and tap the red garbagecan in the lower ritght corner, and do a reboot. It will free up some memory, and make power consumption better than normal.

Download: L ROM THL_T100s_v3.2_NL

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