Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Onda V989 Octa Core tablet Update Android 5.0 OS

Onda V989 Octa Core tablet Android 5.0 video has been exposed recently, which has attracted more attentions from the customers. And now the Onda official has formally released the Onda V989 Octa Core Android 5.0 updating firmware on its official weibo with its partner Allwinner, the full new operating is sure to bring a better using experience. At the same time, Onda Tablet wil also launch two game tablets. what unexpected changes will the new Androig 5.0 OS bring for Onda V989 Octa Core tablet?

Full New Material Design Style
Android L bring the full new Material Design language, which is full of personality. The clean and simple layout, as well as the rich colors, which has a strong directivity. And it has add the animation tactile feedback function. When you press the virtual button on the screen, it will get the feedback effect of the type of animation.

All the designing elements on the interface have been modified as well as the navigation button. The new interface becomes more flatter and more colorful. Moreover, it has added the "Recent used interface", which has introduced the concept of Chorme browser and shown with the singke table.

Full Improved CPU and GPU Performance
The Android L has done much on the performance, one is the ART runtime aperture, which will replace the Dalvik RT aperture, it can better manage and increase the load time of the memory usage and apps. What's more, it is also compacitable with 64 bit system, which is sure to di a great help for the improvement of the CPU and GPU performance. As to the RAM, Google office has showed that it has been improved with 2 or 4 times, and the apps will gain a better performance.

Another improvement is the Android Extension Pack which has greatly improved the GPU performance, and own the image processing ability as the PCs, including a better color, texture and light processing, as well as much better game imaging.

Full Stronger and More Advanced Notification Center
Android Lollipop has a advanced notification center, which is similar as the GoogleNow card style and can also be used under the locked screen. This kind of card atyle OS is much eaiser to detect by users. When you are playinggames, it won't be displayed at a full screen, while pop-up with the Operational notification card, you can choose to accept or refuse, while the interface will stand still with the game.

Volta Energy Saving, Long Standby
Android L has also brought a more intelligent Volta function. Project Volta has added the new tools which can make the developers find out why their apps will have a larger influence on the power more easily. While on the user level, it has added the Battery Saver model, it will reduce the screen lightness under lower power and control changing the backgroud automatically.

More intelligent and Secure Authentication Form
Added with personal identification unlocking. When the user of the bluetooth headset is connected to the tablet, the location of the equipment can be based on the current or the user automatically unlocked. Android Lollipop increased the visitor pattern, at the same time, the default open the system has the function of data encryption, and through SELinux implementation application, this means that for malicious software, the new system become more secure.

Save Independently with Different Datas and Multi People Sharing Function
Android Lollipop has a full new feature, that is it canmake the users to do all the works and entertainment with just one device. People share functions can be lost in user tablet, login account use other Lollipop equipment, downloaded from the cloud data such as contacts, calendar, and does not affect the content of the other equipment.

Improve the Function of Searching, More Humanized
Android Lollipop has also improved the search function of the new system, and it will focus on the "recovery", which means Google Search will better realize what users are doing. In addition, when users are searching on the Internet, they can directly show the similar or some tips, and enter a specific application without all the content input.

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