Saturday, 12 April 2014

THL T100S Nexus Experience


Welcome To My THL T100S Nexus Experience Custom Rom.

I was opting for a full nexus experience and I think I achieve it. The common Chinese UI etc was just not cutting it so I decided to build this custom rom. (odex)
This rom is rooted with Supersu apk, BusyBox and all the bloatware and unnecessary apps have been removed (NO CHINESE APPS). I have found no bugs whilst using this rom.

This rom is based on the latest Stock Rom For the THL T100S.

I have added the following:

Google Home Launcher, Google Now, HOT KEY ''OK GOOGLE'', Nexus Calculator, Nexus Messaging with inverted colours, Nexus Dialler with inverted Colours, Nexus Phonebook with Inverted Colours, Nexus 5 Google Keyboard with Personalisation, Nexus Clock, Nexus Calendar, Hangouts, Play Music, Google Device manager(useful app), Google Quick office, Gmail2, Maps, Chrome, flash player, es file explorer, es task manager………….

GPS fix is almost instant and the navigation works second to none. Build.prop has also been edited and should give you access to all apps in play store.

I opted for MX Player for the standard video player as it can play any format and has never let me down. ES File explore is also included in the system apps as it lets you explore the root of the phone for customisation. The Nexus Camera and gallery has been removed and replaced with the far more superior SUPER camera and Gallery (Excellent quality pictures with endless customization, You won't be disappointed). If you would like the nexus camera and gallery which includes 13mp support, however photosphere is not working as the THL does NOT have a gyroscope, (well mine anyways) let me know and I’ll update another rom with your requests. Before you opt for the Nexus camera please install a test app for the Gyroscope to see if your THL T100S is equipped with one.

I’m busy working on a full deodexed rom which will support exposed framework and gravity box which should be coming soon. If you’re happy with this rom, Please donate so we may bring you more fantastic roms. If you have any requests please let me know.

Installation instructions:

1: Back up your phone,

2: Do a full wipe of the system, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvic Cache, Wipe data. ( You may get some bugs if you miss this step)

3: Flash with CWM or TWRP

4: Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Spoiler: As with any custom rom there will always be a risk of BRICKING. I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your installation. Please remember to do a full back up of your system prior to installing.

TIP: I noticed a small plastic film in my back camera lens, after I removed this the picture quality was excellent.

Download: hammerhead_signed_041114_185418

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