Thursday, 10 April 2014

ROM MIUI 4.4.4 Latest Firmware



NEW Translate for RU!!! New install script!!!

MIUI V5 JB 4.2.1 Gapps+WSM-MI_Tools+Rooted

For CWM or TWRP custom recovery

RePosted Stable rom at 14-04-06
MIUI ROM 4.4.4 Full Changelog
[Home screen]
Fix – Sometimes icons on Home screen would overlap
Fix – Sometimes app icons would disappear at the Preview Home screen view
Fix – Sometimes, apps in the dock would display in the wrong positions

Fix – Sometimes, adding an unrecognized number to a contact app would cause FC
Fix – In a messaging conversation, after touching a contact's portrait to view their details, touching the back button would bring user to Contacts list

New – Added alarm clock reminder mode
Optimization – Pop-up calendar notification sound will repeat until user touches 'Snooze'
Optimization – Forbid using Back button and Home button in pop-up reminder to prevent misoperation
Fix – Pop-up notification format issue
Fix – Issue with widget display on Home screen

Optimization – Notification for when user touches play when library is empty
Fix – Sometimes, music controls were not responsive at lock screen

[File Explorer]
Optimization – Filename suffix will not be selected by default when renaming a file

[Xiaomi Account]
Optimization – Style adjustment of registration and login pages

MIUI ROM 4.3.28 Full Changelog
Optimization – When sending a contact's namecard, you can choose "My profile"
Fix – When adding an unknown number to contacts, if the number was too long it couldn't be added
Fix – When accessing Contracts from the Home screen, there was an issue with the screen transition
Fix – Sometimes, the Settings button in the Contacts menu wouldn't respond
Fix – Sending a namecard to merged contacts might create duplicate cards
Fix – Sometimes contacts would fail to import from SIM card
Fix – When exporting contacts, notification display was truncated
Fix – When entering the dialpad from other apps, no location was displayed

Fix – Issues with importing contacts from SIM card to Mi Account

Fix – Contacts imported from USIM couldn't be deleted
Fix -When importing contacts via Bluetooth, "Cancel match" might cause FC

[File Explorer]
Fix – After file was renamed, a file with the original name would still appear

Fix – At text conversation screen, touching notification to enable Cloud Messaging would cause FC

[Music]New – MIUI music database expanded
Fix – When playing in songs shuffle mode, when song was added to the now playing list, it might not play

Fix – After 6PM, the temperature high displayed was actually the high for the following day
Fix – Sometimes location feature couldn't be disabled

[Security Center]
Optimization – When cleaning up, improved animation for objects being added to the exceptions list
Optimization – In the cache section under Clean up, secondary options are automatically enabled


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