Friday, 19 August 2016

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro MIUI 8

Only for Redmi Note 3 Pro with unlocked bootloader (tested only on official unlocked bootloader). We take no responsibility for your actions!

Languages: MultiLanguage, 45+ languages
Based entirely on official firmware MIUI v7 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro with Google Apps;

- added work T9 in dialer
- added a package of Google services
- replaced fonts
- removed the warning when you change the media volume
- selecting SIM to call put 2 seconds
- increased the quality of call recording (16000 Hz, 64 kbps)
- added the transition from the lock screen in a call
- enable video recording in 4K format + tracking focus in the photo
- added extended reboot menu in fastboot and recovery, but still not working – the cause is found, but the consequences of the fix adds new problems, – looking for solutions.
- changed the animation screen off
- disabled signature checking on packages
- added the ad blocker in the Settings – options
- added icons and removed the lowercase gaps in Settings – options
- added additional battery information in Settings – Advanced – performance and Battery – Information on batteries
- removed check for official software updates OTA so you don't accidentally flash them on my Assembly and not to brick
- added notification of the PTA with the appearance of my new updates
- added proxy settings in Settings – options – For developers
- added switches network type 3G Only, 4G Only
- removed device notification for USB debugging
- removed the Chinese
- removed the Chinese from the browser
- removed online content from the video player
- removed online content from music player
- removed debris and excess application, which can be supplied from the market itself
- patched themes, you can put paid and buttons are in Russian
- added busybox
- added root(SuperSU)
- added Titanium Backup as a user app)
- replaced some system sounds and camera sounds
- changed icons of apps (approximately 2000)
- updated, streamlined and improved the translation tool of its own design
- fixed arrays: 1342
- removed not used rows: 58779
- updated translation strings: 191007
- added some new languages(available in more than 45 languages)

1. Download the. Zip file and dump the firmware to the memory card.
2. Loaded in Recovery
3. Making wipes:
1) Wipe Cache
2) Wipe Dalvik Cache
3) Wipe Data and System (Factory reset)
4. Select Install / Install zip from SD
5. Choose. Zip firmware file and wait for the end of the process.
6. Boot the system is ready.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro MIUI 8 6.8.11

Source: Xiaomi Device

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