Friday, 11 September 2015

Jiayu S3 Android 5.1 LolliPop firmware


04.09.2015 – TF Android release a very good ROM here:
–> no! download from me here! so don't ask – only for your Information

27.07.2015 – wade released the newest Version of the LP (LolliPop) with new UI


You have to Flash this ROM via Computer (FlashTool):

When you are on KitKat in the moment you have to use the option "Firmware upgrade".
When you are already on LP you can use the option "Download".

You can NOT update via OTA from KitKat (4.4.4)  to  Lollipop!! (5.1)
The OTA File is for people who are using LP in the moment. Also the OTA will replace the
"recovery.img" with a stock one.

This ROM works with both models 2GB and 3GB/NFC!!
Please don't ask any more :-P

    S3S –> 3GB / NFC Version without Google Apps (example Playstore!)
    S3SW –> 3GB / NFC Version with GoogleApps
    S3 or S3B –> 2GB Version without Google Apps (example Playstore!)
    S3W –> 2GB Version with GoogleApps

Important (Recovery):
After flashing the recovery boot directly into recovery! and install
1. GAPPs
After that reboot the phone, shut down it again and turn on again.

How to go into Recovery:
1. hold "Volume+" button
1b. hold "volume+" buttton!!! :-)
2. hold the "Power" button till the phone starts (hold the "Volume+" button!!!)
–> all other things –> read display information

Have a first look into the UI of this ROM:

Thanks to Erald for this Video, it's not my work!
–> Video from Its_erald user
Download: Recovery LP TWRP by hanuma50
          ROM: LP S3SN-2015-07-14
          FlashPackage (actual SPFT+Driver)


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  2. The link was deleted from megaupload.. Can you please reupload? This is the only rom that will work for me