Wednesday, 8 July 2015

IMEI coding tool tutorial

If you experience "can't detect SIM cards" or " can't make a phone call", you can check your IMEI code, see if they are valid or not. There are lots of website offer such service. If your IMEI codes are not valid, please go through the following tutorial to change your IMEI.

Coding tool Driver :
Coding tool  (the latest):
Let's get started
A piece of USB wire
A  MTK smartphone
SN Writer Install package
Smartphone firmware package( The ROM file you flashed to your phone, which including the DB file for coding)

In order to install the driver, you should run the coding tool first. In this way, the computer is able to detect which driver you need to install. So the process is kind of complex.
Part 2 is showing your how to use the coding tool.
Part 1 indicates how to install the driver.
The process is PART 2---PART 1---PART 2

1.Open My Computer, right click on the blank area, open the properties and click on the device manager to open the device manager interface,Take the phone’s battery out to make sure the power is off. Then connect it to your PC.
You can see the sign device driver software is installing at the bottom right corner.

2.Click on it, and choose Browse my computer for driver software

3.Open driver file and choose SP_Drivers_EXE_v1.6

4.If you finished the steps successfully, you would see the window down below

1.At first, run the SETUP. EXE in the file and install the BirdA SN Writer coding tool
2.If the installation is succeed, you’ll see an icon like this

run it by double clicking, you’d see an interface like down below.

3.Click on System Config, you’ll see the following interface

4.Click on MD DB 1 button,Open the BPLGUInfoCustom file (which is located at the third from the top) in the smartphone firmware package,Click on OK’ll see the following interface, Click YES

6.Then click START’ll see the following interface, enter the IMEI number ( the IMEI number you can get from the phones you used or get them from the seller )

8.When the notification    COM port searching and preloader handshake...   appears,
Unplug the battery and put it back, don’t turn on the phone yet, connect your phone and PC with USB wire.
The Meta mode would automatically start on your phone,
It begin to code when SN Writer Log shows it’s successfully connected after couple seconds.

9.If the Write Result Indiacator appears green

it means success, on the other hand, red means fail.

When the coding process is completed, unplug the phone and turn it on. Dial *#06# on the dial panel, you'll see the new IMEI codes.

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