Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Xiaomi Mi Note Android 5.1.1 Lollipop ROM


1. If there is no response when switching data vice-versa, temporarily try switching on airplane mode and off to solve the problem.
2. As for now, taking picture while recording in 4k resolution video is not possible. However, 1080p works well.
3. There will be no response entering system sensor for the first time, reboot your phone to solve this matter. If needed, reboot a few more times.

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Note: Don't forget to back up data before flashing
Recovery download link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nth4l2D Password: nesi

Flash via Recovery:
With a PC, Install Fastboot tools, Switch off Phone, Press volume down + Power button to enter fastboot Mode,
on PC, type in :
fastboot flash recovery twrp-MiNote-2015-03-19-recovery.img
fastboot boot recovery twrp-MiNote-2015-03-19-recovery.img

First boot into recovery will not show anything, just wait for it to load.
This is because recovery will be flashed to system 1, and will only be able to use on system 1. Please select and reboot on system 1

Flash Instructions (Inside Recovery):
Step 1: Select Wipe Data to clear all data. Do not choose to format data in Advanced Option.
Step 2: Go back to main page, choose installation zip and flash the ROM.

P/s: For advance users who know how to sideload, you can go for ADB option in Advanced Option.

Xiaomi Mi Note ROM Download: Here
Source: http://www.xiaomidevice.com/blog/xiaomi-mi-note-android-5-1-1-lollipop-rom/

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