Thursday, 4 September 2014

Chuwi VX8 3G official Flash tutorial

Chuwi Tablet PC has finally released a VX8 3G Win8 firmware tutorials! Thanks to a powerful 64-bit Intel Core, Chuwi VX8 3G can also be transformed into a Win8 tablet. Intel Z3735G, based on X86 architecture, the highest frequency up 1.83GZH, equipped with 1G memory, Chuwi VX8 3G systems can easily run Win8.1, only 699 as a flat, Chuwi VX8 3G is undoubtedly one of the highest cost of 8 Intel inch tablet.

But before brushing machine, you need to tell Chi Friends of some of the risks. As the saying goes flash risk, users need to be cautious. Note:
1 This windows8.1 not genuine authority, temporarily unable to activate, the latter can be activated;
2 currently can be achieved from Win8 flash back Andrews, but each flash risk, does not guarantee 100% brushed back Andrews, has a chance to become a brick;
Under 3.Win8 system, battery life VX8 3G will Bian Zhuo decreased, probably reduced by about 15%;
Under 4.Win8, front camera of the machine can not normally open, normally open Android system;
5 machines in the state without electricity, users need to connect the charger under continuous charging about 15 minutes or more to boot;
Under 6.Win8 system, the machine is fully charged takes about 3 to 4 hours, under Bian Zhuo version is slower;
7.Win8, the call can not be achieved;
8 users find various BUG pending feedback to improve the update do next

Users need to prepare the appropriate tools and equipment:
1, best to prepare two U disk, U disk put a Bios, another one put Win8 U disk mirroring;
2, Note: U disk formatted as FAT32 format is best, the best USB3.0 interface;
3, Prepare a USB-OTG cable, a USB Hub (USB point line, make sure to support multiple USB devices simultaneously, the best 3 interface above);
4, ready for a keyboard, it is best not need to install the driver wired;
5, Prior to flash machine, users should confirm that these devices can be used simultaneously when connected VX8 3G;

The first step: In the Android flash into WINDOW8.1BOIS
1, Unzip the downloaded file BOIS placed under the root directory of U (all the stuff unpacked files extract to the root directory of U can not put these files in a folder full);
2, Then you need to put these 2 devices are connected, the USB-OTG cable to connect the machine and the USB splitter, connect U disk and keyboard on the splitter and the OTG cable connected to the machine, confirm that the machine can successfully connect to the these devices can read U disk, and finally completely shut down the machine to the next step;
3, and then press the power button to boot, while holding down the boot after ESC key on the keyboard and power button VX8 3G, and enter the BIOS interface;
4. enter bios screen keyboard to select Boot manager, press Enter (Enter key) to enter
5, Select ETI USB Device (.....) and press the flash into the Bios package Enter (Enter key) to determine
6, After Press OK, enter a screen and then wait for it to automatically run over to automatic
7, Finally VX8 3G turned on, the screen will appear a blue dialog box, click OK after the machine off and then into the next step;

Step two: VX8 3G flash into the mirror windows8.1 system
8, (Note: U need to format the disk and format as FAT32 format, unzip the image file placed in the root directory of U and U disk remember to rename WINPE)
9, and then press the power button to boot, while holding down the boot after ESC key on the keyboard and power button VX8 3G, and enter the BIOS interface;
10, use the keyboard to select Boot manager, press Enter (Enter) to enter. [As in step 3 in Figure example]
11, Select ETI USB Device (.....) to enter
12, wait for the system to restart, automatic image deployment takes about 6-10 minutes (time and U disk performance related), and then automatically shut down, and then unplug the USB-OTG
13, After boot into the system, there are four in the traditional PC desktop program, the fourth file (Clean the beginning of the file) Double-click, and then the program will shut down automatically deleted and the user needs to manually re-boot.
14, After reboot, after simple settings to Play Windows8.1

If you did not flash Win8 CHUWI VX8 3G success in the complete brushing the Bios, the user only needs to continue to flash Win8 mirror, that the second step of repeating steps do not need to paint the Bios. Currently also upload the firmware, more about Win8 flash firmware download and stay tuned Chuwi official letter meager and micro news release.


  1. Please post some links to the firmwares for this tablet.
    Thank you

  2. hello do you know how to get root access?

    thanks in advance

  3. download vroot (china version) from mygun is the only app manage to root this tablet