Tuesday, 1 July 2014

THL T100S 4.3 F Fix


All hardware works fine fast & stable. multilanguage, for TWRP -Rooted.
Support & Fix :Wi-Fi, GPS, stability of the system, sound, graphics,bluetooth,

magnetic sensor (compass) & facebook new ver.  works excelent and fix all problems .

* You don't need any Wipe.

1-ROM T100S 4.3 F Fix Without any software .

2-  ROM T100S 4.3 With some  programs .  compass work fine, I had  tested it now same .30/6/214

Download: T100S 4.3F-Fix
          T100S 4.3


  1. I'd rather saw that 4.4 KitKat was available for the T100s