Firmware Applicability
This firmware is only for U39GT-3G (Talk 9) calls flat products [ U39GT with U39GT-3G unusual a product, the firmware can not be mixed brush ] , make sure that the machine model in front of the brush and read the firmware upgrade package instructions carefully , the wrong brush other machines firmware may cause product damage , thereby resulting in the problem only by the user 's responsibility .

The firmware upgrade certain risks , please carefully review before the user Brush firmware upgrade instructions inside the package.

Firmware Upgrade Considerations
1. the firmware upgrade is used to improve and optimize the performance of the product , no firmware upgrade will not affect the normal use of the product itself .

2. the firmware upgrade is suitable personnel have some basic computer operations performed .

3. the firmware upgrade may be due to user error operations cause the product does not work ! Please read the firmware upgrade tutorial before the operation .

4. please user model and product serial numbers to look for a firmware upgrade . Other machines brush wrong firmware may cause damage to the product , resulting in charge of the problem only by the user.

5. be sure to back up before upgrading the firmware important data on their own within a good machine , the upgrade process will format the memory space , the upgrade is complete the original data will be lost and can not be recovered. Our company is not liable for the user to upgrade the firmware and product daily because the direct and indirect losses caused by data loss during use .

6. the firmware upgrade process can not disconnect the data cable , you can not upgrade procedure requires an operating outside , lest cause the firmware upgrade failed .

7. avoid improper operation failed firmware upgrade , operate in strict accordance with the firmware upgrade , any questions , please contact the dealer after-sales department to assist the machine firmware upgrade.

Please read carefully before upgrading the firmware upgrade tutorial within the package and follow the tutorial to upgrade operations , so the upgrade fails because the normal use of the machine the inconvenience !

Firmware Update Version: Android 4.2.2 system
1. Optimize system efficiency ;
2. Fixed video playback gradation transition unnatural problem.