Monday, 7 October 2013

GPS Problem

My GPS is working quite well either in sport tracking programs as well as osm navigation. Please keep in mind, the problem about wrong speed and distance calculation is most likely a bug in a system library and has nothing to do with the gps system, hopefully we will see a rom update to 4.2.2 or 4.3 with a fix.

Having said as much, currently I sit in the basement, around 1m away from the window and get a fix in gps test in roundabout 10s with 13 satellite in sight, even though we have a solid overcast.

If your phone is rooted, you could try do the following steps, maybe this will help a bit.

- First geht the app "Mobiluncle MTK Tools" in your play store.
- Open the tool, allow superuser access and choose "Engineer Mode".
- Next "Engeneer Mode ( MTK ).
- Swipe to right for "Location"
- Choose Location Based Services
- In the menu bar on top choose AGPS
- Enable A-Gps
- In the menu bar on top choose EPO
- Enable EPO
- Enable Auto Download (this will use a bit of data, for me around 4Mb per month)
- Touch EPO button to download the needed files
- In the menu bar on top choose GPS
- Touch Button "GPS (OFF)" to start GPS
- Wait till you get a lock (maybe you'll need to get outside for that)
- Touch Button "Ref Position"
- New window opens, touch "Apply Last Location"
- Leave the window, if you like to you can test with "YGPS" how fast your phone gets a lock

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